How can we pay back the debt of our martyrs?

A valiant officer Colonel G S Sarna , who always led by examples as remembered by his seniors and colleagues died a hero’s death on 23rd December 2006. He fought very bravely against terrorists in a village of Kashmir and would always be remembered for his bravery disregard whether we walk through the road which has been renamed on his name or not.

He happened to be a cousin of my ex colleague. When my colleague sent a mail on him (pasted here below or please see comment 1 for full details ) it shook me completely. However a proud feelings on such Indian army, especially on such heroes was also reinforced along with sorrow feelings too at my heart because of great loss to us. Such kind of persons should live more and should exist every where in country so as to solve the problem of corruption, immorality etc just like our filmy heroes in Indian Movies. As they always dare to stop evil powers to take command of situation, which is what happening everywhere today all around the nation.

Mail which I had received from Harmeet Singh (Read full in comment1)

My Cousin(Mamaji elder son)- Colonel G.S. Sarna, was posted in Pattan, Jammu and Kashmir.He was a Colonel and was the commanding officer of 29 Rashtriya Rifles there.

On 23rd December during a routine Search operation in Village Behrampur, Baramulla, his men were searching the village for militants who were hiding there.

They had completed the search op. and after that reported back to Col G.S. Sarna that there were no militants in the area, after which he himself went for an inspection of the houses. He was a very brave man and even after being a Colonel always used to lead his men from the front.

He entered a house only with 2 of his bodyguards and looked around. He saw some grass lying around there, and instructed his men to look under it, under that was a secret hideout , where the militants were hiding, there was a small door(Phatta) under the grass, he told his men to lift it so that he can check under it. But as and when the phatta was lifted , a militant waiting under it fired a burst (15-16 rounds) from his AK-47 at him, out of which 6 bullets hit him, 1 on his hand, 1 on the shoulder , 2 in lower abdomen, and 2 on his ankles, and the rest hit the other 2 men.

Despite being badly wounded and bleeding profusely from his stomach, which now had a big hole in it, he fired back at the militant killing him instantly,

You can visit some of his photographs at following link

……………………continued in comment 1================

Can we pay back the debt of such great soles?. We are proud of such martyrs but can our politicians really wake up from such jolts so that such sacrifices should not go waste?. Does this ring bells anywhere?.

Kashmir problem is running on & on since long. We keep showing Pak occupied Kashmir as a part of our nation just to camouflage ourselves. Politicians never dared to have a focused planning & actions for this issue. As it is sensitive to their vote bank and probably for their continuation in power too (as it may affect from global political perspective too which could be another debate..but surely we can not just wait for an external solution or help). Even in Indian part, autonomy to military is subject to questions. If they would have tried with sincerity not just as a face saving during crisis situation, solution might have emerged by now. But because of lack of will which led to procrastination, situation has become very bad. This delay in strong actions earlier gave chance terrorists to grow their roots a lot into the local houses also. Which made the task now very difficult as local people (by will or by force) also support such activities. Other locals such as Kashmiri Pandits had already been kicked out from state strategically by these evil powers or enemy nation.

This reminds me few lines of Shaheed Bhagat Singh which apply in context of will power and decision making of our previous and present governments…….it is from book what Shaheed Bhagat Singh wrote in Jail….

“Time is an important factor in politics. It is thousand times more so in war and revolution. Things can be done today that cannot be done tomorrow. To raise in arms to defeat the enemy , to seize power, may be possible today and tomorrow may be impossible. But, you will say , to seize power means changing the course of history; is it possible that such a thing can depend on a delay of 24 hours? Even so, when it comes to an armed insurrection, events are not measured by long yards of politics but by short yards of war. To lose a few weeks , a few days , sometimes even one day , may mean giving up the revolution , may mean capitulation.

Political cunning is always dangerous , especially in a revolution . You may deceive the enemy, but you may confuse the masses who are following you.”
and another from the letter written to Governer of Punjab though this was in context of independence from Britain however equally applies against the evil powers against us……including internal corrupted people.

“…… Let us declare that the state of war does exist and shall exist so long as the Indian toiling masses and the natural resources are being exploited by a handful of parasites. They may be purely British Capitalist or mixed British and Indian or even purely Indian. They may be carrying on their insidious exploitation through mixed or even on purely Indian bureaucratic apparatus.”

I am sure if you will read the below certification of death of Shaheed Bhagat Singh you will also cry but our country is fortunate we still see similar courageous people in todays time also, who look nation before their family. Col G S Sarna kept fighting against terrorists till last and recalled his 5 year son only on the way to hospital at the time of his last breadth not before. He did not care about himself or his family even once for the brave acts. It reminds me a lot Shaheed Bhagat Singh who objectively chosen the path of death to motivate people of India and to fuel the revolution. He himself requested British Government to shoot him as a treatment to a war prisoner (he would have thought that it might ignite the spark better in country…above lines were from that letter). Many salutes to these people. Even death word never deterred them from their objective of fighting r our “Vande Maatram” ……


Seal of the
Judicial Department

I hear by certify that the sentence of death passed on Bhagat Singh has been duly executed, and that the said Bhagat Singh was accordingly hanged by the neck till he was dead, at Lahore Central Jail on Monday, the 23rd day of March, 1931, at 7 p.m., that the body remained suspended for a full hour, and was not taken down until life was ascertained by a medical officer to be extinct; and that no accident, error or other misadventure occurred

Superintendent of the Jail
Sd. Illegible

Shaheed Bhagat Singh never defended himself to get released from charges during trial even if he might have chances. Rather he fought with his father for filing a petition to British government for his release as he was waiting for hanging to revolutionize more. That letter , sent to his father was also published later.

Shahedon ki chitaon pe lagenge har varsh mele,
Watan pe mitne waalon ka yahe baaki nishaan hoga

History repeats itself again and again in our country and now Col G S Sarna bravely had asked the path of death as it was for nation and it was necessary to keep the motivation of his unit personnel and of over all military & in turn country to fight against terrorists. Hope we can keep remembering such sacrifices and I think that feelings itself will bring some kind of reforms in our attitude & towards well being our country. I think more reminders should be sent to people on these acts as a tool of motivation and more people should know. I am sure it will make some change in the attitude of people if we keep the flame of good words alive by remembering the martyrs always and probably it will bring some improvements in our government machinery also. As they are afterall people only. So somewhere this people affect should play role in positive way rather than existing state of minds when we have almost forgotten such sacrifices.

Ae Mere Vatan ke logon, jara Aankh me bharlo paani.
Jo Saheed hue hain unki, jara yaad karo kurbaani.

I hope to see some more comments here as a mark of tributes to our Hero Col G S Sarna and to such similar soles of past. I would also request to pass on this to as many people as possible and keep the flame alive so that our children should also know our martyrs.
I would also like to see some suggestions which we can implement to make a good start such as creation of ‘Nationwide strong Martyrs Children Education fund NGO – ofcourse without any cut of administration cost of donations to avoid any abuse’ irrespective whether family is in need or not but to provide an option to all sons and daughters of these martyrs in case of need. Its a thought and let others share on this first.

My Salute to Shaheed Col G S Sarna
My Salute to his family for giving such a son, brother or husband to nation
My Salute to all our military for giving numerous sacrifices which might have gone even unnoticed

Jai Hind
Anurag Varshney – simply Indian

……read more in comment 1

22 Responses to “How can we pay back the debt of our martyrs?”

  1. Harmeet says:

    My Cousin(Mamaji elder son)- Colonel G.S. Sarna, was posted in Pattan, Jammu and Kashmir. He was a Colonel and was the commanding officer of 29 Rashtriya Rifles there.

    On 23rd December during a routine Search operation in Village Behrampur, Baramulla, his men were searching the village for militants who were hiding there.

    They had completed the serach op. and after that reported back to Col G.S. Sarna that there were no militants in the area, after which he himself went for an inspection of the houses. He was a very brave man and even after being a Colonel always used to lead his men from the front.

    He entered a house only with 2 of his bodyguards and looked around. He saw some grass lying around there, and instructed his men to look under it, under that was a secret hideout , where the militants were hiding, there was a small door(Phatta) under the grass, he told his men to lift it so that he can check under it. But as and when the phatta was lifted , a militant waiting under it fired a burst (15-16 rounds) from his AK-47 at him, out of which 6 bullets hit him, 1 on his hand, 1 on the shoulder , 2 in lower abdomen, and 2 on his ankles, and the rest hit the other 2 men.

    Despite being badly wounded and bleeding profusely from his stomach, which now had a big hole in it, he fired back at the militant killing him instantly, then he killed another militant hiding there, after that he noticed one militant running outside the house, then he ran up to the roof of the house holding his stomach with one hand and gun with the other, he climbed to the roof of the house and injured the 3rd militant. Even after being hit badly and unmindful of his own safety he kept on leading his men, he told them to search other houses, and kept on giving them instructions. Then after around 15 min. he was carried to an ambulance and all the while he was saying “maar do saaalon ko kisi ko mat chodna…destroy them”, never for once did he think about his family or his personal safety.

    He was immediately airlifted to the base hospital in srinagar but on the way he succumbed to his injuries, and only at the very last moment he remebered his family and called the name of his 5 year old son.
    As the militant fired from below , he manged to hit him in the lower abdomen, where there is no protection as the Bullet proof jacket is only till the belly button.

    Well this is the kind of stuff what the soldiers of our Indian Army are made of, they are damn brave and the only motivating factor for them is the country.

    I had talked with my cousin a number of times, and I used to tell him that, I will be earning more than you do after just 2-3 years of experience but he always used to say that there was something called as your motherland, and he was more than glad to serve the country, well that was what he did till his last breath. He an extremely brave man, and all of his unit men used to look upto him. They used to say that there was no fear in his blood. He always used to lead from the front, being a Commanding Officer he had 1000 men under him , always at his disposal, he can chose not to go to the operation, but he was always there, leading them , encouraging them.

    He regularly used to get threats from the militants, they used to call him up and used to call him a terrorist, as he was killing them, even the local villagers used to call him that. he was the only Sikh officer there and was always on the hitlist of the militants. Their unit 29 RR, was doing extremely well there for the last 1.5 years and had broken the back of the militants. Even i was not aware of all these facts, I just knew that he was posted in Pattan in J&K, and at times when i used to call him up and i could hear firing going on, and he always used to joke that “bahut shor macha rahe hain saale, abhi tereko thodi deir mein call karta hun, inko chup karvake”.

    I was in delhi for his funeral and that is when I found out from the men of his unit, how brave he was, even Rajavardhan Rathore(Olympic Silver medalist) was there, he was my cousin’s junior. This operation went on for 3 days, and a total of 5 militants were killed and only one army casualty was there.

    I personally interacted with a Lt. Colonel who was with him in this operation and he told me that – “Sir always used to lead from the front, They always requested him not to go for these operation bu he used to say that if a jawaan is killed, its like my own family member is killed, so all of us equal and part of the same family, whether its a jawan or an officer. He said that they used to trust him completely and what he has done is what every soldier dreams of, he told us that he has set a precedent which we will blindly follow, no matter what happens, he has inspired 1000 men of his own unit and 1000 more…”

    I was so proud to hear the details of the operation from him, the way my cousin bravely led his men, and sacrificed his life for the country. Till a week back even I used to abuse my country , the same country for whom my Cousin died, the only reason he died for.

    My attitude has changed a lot in the last week, whether it be about my country or the army, i know it is not a glamorour profession, my cousin had spent 19.5 years in the army, but still he might be getting around 25-30 k per month, not more than that, and a Jawaan gets just 3.5K to 6K p.m, well these are not the things that motivate these people, we all can’t even think of dying in our dreams, and these guys everyday go to office knowing that this might be there last. Everyday they are searching for militants, and at times their informers double cross them and lead them right into an ambush, for the militants. The local people whether by will or force are with the militants and not with the army. But in spite of these things, being away from their families for months and years at stretch, they keep themselves motivated just because they are serving their motherland, which to them is above everything else.

    And I know all of us never care for all these things.

    He got a state funeral as per the army rituals and when the national flag was placed on his coffin that moment made me so proud , yaar I was just standing there speechless and just admiring that site, the way they carried his coffin with the national flag on it, the way the saluted him as if he was alive and physically present there, the way the band played it was all just awesome, it made me so proud, there around 200 armymen who were saluting him, then they gave him a 21 gun salute, I had seen this all and i will never be able to forget this ever, we all will die one day, but to die for your country and being honored like this, i don’t think he would ever regret doing what he did, whether it meant tha his 5 year old son will now have to spend the rest of his life without his father, this made me so proud and i thought of telling you all how much proud I am of him.

    Our whole family is proud of him as he did something for the country , he died defending all of us, I request you all never to forget his sacrifice and also the of thousands of soldiers who have died fighting for the motherland, and please do pray for him and his family.

    This year alone around 5000 men have died fighting for our country in J&K.
    I have attached some of his pics and some newspaper clipping with this.
    I will not like to blame anyone for his death, but the only thing I will like request you all is that please don’t ever forget his sacrife for the country and please try to do something for our country.

    We all know how good our politicians are, its only upto the us to make some difference, and do something for our country. I shared all this because I felt this was the only way I can do something for my Cousin, his soul will definitely be in heaven that I am certain of,and also do pray for his family.
    If you wish to forward this mail to some of your friends, please do so.

    Jai Hind

  2. Sulabh says:

    What a proud family u guys must be right now.. I salute your cousin and am amazed at how easily my heart is filled with utmost respect for him.. and for the army. I wish we all start thinking like him, it really will be good for the nation.

    I wish to raise one question.. is it worth while getting such people killed for land that we ourselves can’t establish claims on.. I know a lot of you will not like it but I feel this is the time that India should start granting autonomy to Kashmir. We spend so much money every year on that place and get so many such patriots killed but have we ever tried to find a solution.. I am sure the current status is not the solution. I think the solution that Dalai Lama is looking for tibet is the only possible solution for Kashmir. Where Kashmir is given more autonomy. Soft borders are put in place. This way kashimiris will get their autonomy, india will keep kashmir and pakistan can be rendered uninfluntial. Then we can completely concentrate on our economy, our fiscal deficits, our social security system and so many more problems that we have. This will make us stronger.Once that happens, it will be in interest of Kashmiris also to remain with India. The same thing is happening in tibet too. They realise that they cant live being autonomous and that China is a needed support for them. So in all probability Tibetans, even after being annexed be china, are beginning to accept chinese rule. We have to similarly give reasons to kashimiris to remain with us. There is another solution.. lets get on the other side of the border and kick some arse…

    In the end, I salute colonel sarna and his family.

    “Shahido Ki Chitaon par lagenge har baras mele
    Vatan par mitne walon ka yahi baaki nishaa hoga”


  3. Kshitij Mallick says:

    Dear Harmeet,

    I salute this gr8 Son of India! I am a retired Army officer’s son and I hear all that you mean in your words here, not that others dont, but I have personally seen the bravery and valor of our Soldiers!

    I will never forget this Brave Son of India, remember him with the utmost of gratitude, honor and respect, that’s a promise!

    This is the highest form of selfless service and the best definition of what you call a family! These Brave Men dont think of just their wife, kids and parents when they think of the word FAMILY. They think of the NATION, which is all of us! It is because of them that we sleep peacefully at night and are free to think about what we need to do with our lives. Our freedom today is highly indebted to all these Brave Men!

    My heart goes out to the grieving family, who have lost their Son, Husband and father. M sure the 5 year old will be very proud of his father one day!

    May His Soul Rest in Peace.

    Jai Hind!

  4. Harmeet Singh says:

    Hi All,
    Thanks for your wishes and prayers.
    The only reason I wrote this mail was to tell you all how much proud I was of my cousin, and tell you about the brave act he did for his country.
    I am so proud of him and whenever I think of him, i always think that the only motivation for him and many more soldiers has been our Country only.
    So please don’t forget that you are also a part of it, please try to do something for it, howsoever small it might be.
    and what sulabh has suggested can be a good solution to the problem, if we all make some effort for our country all these problems will be gone pretty soon.

    Jai Hind!
    Harmeet Singh.

  5. Jimmy Cherian says:


    I must say that your mail was very touching and did have a great impact on me. Thank you for sharing this and I really appreciate your courage to share this at a time of grief. On the one hand, I do feel sad about the situation and at the same time, very proud of your brother and what he has done. Please do pass on my heart felt condolences to his family and for sure he will be remembered.

    Once again thanks Bhajji and hopefully it will be a world without wars and bloodshed


  6. Rahul Sharma says:

    Hey Harmeet,
    After reading your mail, I don’t know if we have been thinking as we should be about our army and the country. Like you said , these are people who think about the nation and not their family.
    I can’t even imagine how brave you have to be , to do something your cousing did.
    I am sorry for your loss but he taught an important lesson to all of us.
    You must be really proud of him.
    I hope these people who contributing to such a sick thing like supporting militants are roaming on the streets without any feet and hands one day.
    Take care

  7. Aamir says:

    Hi Harmeet,
    Well I heard of this news but was not aware he was your cousin.
    Its really sad to learn, you are true, we sitting at home dont realise
    what the army men are doing for the country. All we can do is critisise
    other, but being in thr shoes we can realise what they undergo everyday.

    May God shower his kindness to the family and grant him peace.

    Do take care of all.


  8. Parul Aneja says:

    Dearest Harmeet,

    This is very touching. I am really sorry to hear about this but at the same time want to take a moment to thank god for people like him. If it wasnt for brave people like him, we would be facing times that are unimaginable. I hope and pray that in these rough times, his family can be strong to face this loss and live the rest of their lives without him.

    I am sure that this sacrifice is something you all take pride in. Its worth it. I am speechless to hear about this. I have had some family in the army so I know that the whole family makes a sacrifice, not just the soldier himself. I am grateful to everyone in your family for giving our country a brave soldier like him.

    Take care

  9. Vikram says:

    Hi Harmeet,

    My heart felt condolences to you and the entire family. I pray to God to
    give you and all the family memebers the strength to deal with the loss

    You must be feeling extremely proud to be related to such a brave and
    selfless human being. We all take so many things like our freedom and safety
    for granted. But for these people who put the motherland ahead of everything
    we would not lead life the way we do.

    You know, I think we are all (Atleast I am) guilty of not realizing these
    things when we see them or hear them. In the past I may have seen a similar
    report on TV where an army man has laid down his life for his country and
    not really thought about it. Shamefully, we even take for granted the
    sacrifices of these brave men.

    But this time, when the email came from you – someone that I know and with
    the sheer emotion of your email – even I felt the sorrow and pride. For
    someone who was from my country and someone who laid down his life for all
    of us. It made me think that there are much bigger issues in life than those
    that I feel bogged down with.

    I hope you feel better.

    Take Care


  10. Srikanth says:

    Hats off to him Harmeet! Your mail evokes strong emotions. Such brave, selfless men indeed form the highest echelons of humanity. My heartfelt condolences to his family and my thanks and gratitude as an Indian for keeping us safe.


  11. Aditi says:

    Hi Harmeet,

    Read ur mail today and I cant even express how proud I feel of ur
    Great brave cousin who didnt think twice before laying his life for
    our country for which we hardly care about.Million salutes to Him! I
    am simultaneously filled with immense grief for the equally sad
    outcome of the same.This incident has lots and lots to teach us. It
    has got the thought process going and must have shaken evry persons
    soul who must have read about the incident.
    Also feel so proud and concerned about all those who have alrdy laid
    thr lives for our country and those who are safegaurding us rite now
    at the borders where we enjoy sucha safe life at the cost of
    Every one of us need to wake up and realise our duties for the
    nation.its not a small thing..Our country is gr8 enough coz ppl lay
    thr precious lives for it.
    God bless ur copusins soul and give strength and bleesings to His
    family.Not every person is that great as Col Sarna.It really takes a
    lot to be that dedicated and daring.
    Hats off to the martyr.
    Thanks a lot for bringing out the whole incident so clearly to
    all..This message deserves to be passed on.
    Thanks again.


  12. Gaurav says:

    I have no words to describe the bravery of ur cousin
    but just want to salute him for the act. I even feel
    proud now to be born in this country. I also really
    admire you for sharing this episode with us even
    though u might not be in a condition to do so.

    Take care…

  13. Nitin Sharma says:


    Im sure you might be very proud of your cousin, but believe me his soul will rest in peace.

    U get very few chances to show up ur bravery and die for your country..

    May god give strenght to his family and you.

    Nitin Sharma

  14. manpreet sarna says:

    Thanks Meetu for the Blog. Sunny, while still in NDA had told us about the inscription on Kohima War cemetry. It is a memorial for the soldiers who laid their life in world war 2 but still holds true-
    When you go home

    Tell them of us and say,

    For your tomorrow, we gave our today.

  15. manpreet k. sarna says:

    Thanks Meetu, for the blog. Sunny, while he was still in NDA, had told us about Kohima War cemetry- it is a memorial for world war 2 martyrs. The inscription describes every soldiers’s sacrifice very aptly-
    “When you go home

    Tell them of us and say,

    For your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

    My family and I thank everybody for their support in this very trying time.

  16. Pratik says:

    Hi Harmeet,

    Salute to the brave son of Mother India.

    In today’s materialistic world where people run like mad after money, its really rare to come across such incidents.

    God bless.

  17. Harmeet Singh says:

    Colonel G.S Sarna awarded Kirti Chakra posthumously

    New Delhi, Jan 25, 2007 : Colonel Gurbir Singh Sarna of the Grenadiers Regiment who was martyred in an operation with Pakistani terrorists late last year will be awarded the Kirti Chakra posthumously, here tomorrow.

    Colonel Sarna, who died at Behrampur village in Baramulla Sector, on December 23, 2006, during Operation Chak Behrampur, while leading the operation to eliminate four hardcore terrorists, was the commanding officer of 29 Rashtriya Rifles in Jammu and Kashmir, when the incident occurred.

    On the fateful night, Sarna reached the area in a village in Kashmir’s Pattan District along with his quick reaction team comprising unit officers. The operation was undertaken based on intelligence inputs about four hardcore terrorists being present in the village. The house was cordoned by the brave soldiers.

    While carrying out search in the cordoned village, Sarna who was the first to sight the terrorists in a hideout opened fire. The fire fight which was at close range resulted in the killing of one of the terrorists and injuring another.

    In the process Sarna received multiple injuries, but he continued the operation along with his men, despite the profuse bleeding. He was evacuated from the site immediately, succumbing to his injuries later.

    Earlier this month a 1.75 kilometre long road was named after the late Colonel Sarna, by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), here.

    The road passing from Kadambari Apartment to Parwana Vihar Apartment in northwest Delhi’s Rohini has been named as ‘Shaheed Colonel Gurbir Singh Sarna Marg’. The Sarna residence is nearby.

    The late Colonel Sarna is survived by his wife Jaslin Kaur, five-year-old son Sahaj Preet, his father Didar Singh Sarna, mother Prakash Kaur and younger brother Colonel MS Sarna.

    An alumnus of the prestigious National Defence Academy Col. Sarna was commissioned into the 9th Battalion of the regiment of Grenadiers in 1989. He also served as the Second in Command of 13 Grenadiers, before taking over as the Commanding Officer of 29 Rashtriya Rifles battalion at Pattan near Baramullah in June 2005, when he was promoted to the rank of a full Colonel.

    Others Kirti Chakra awardees at this year’s Republic Day are Major Manish Hiraji Pitambare (posthumous) of the 3 Parachute Regiment, Captain Vishal Bhandral (posthumous) of the Garhwal Rifles Regiment, Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban (posthumous) of the 5 Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment, Havildar Manjit Singh of the 16 Sikh Regiment, and a CISF personnel Dhirendra Nath Pratap Singh (posthumous). All the five Indian Army personnel have been awarded the Kirti Chakra for operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

    Three hundred and ninety three personnel of the armed forces will receive awards of gallantry and other awards on the occasion of the 58th Republic Day here tomorrow.

    The awards include six Kirti Chakras, 31 Shaurya Chakras, four

    Bar to Sena Medals (Gallantry), 73 Sena Medals (Gallantry), one

    Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry), 27 Param Vishisht Seva Medals, one

    Bar to Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, 52 Ati Vishisht Seva Medals,

    one Yudh Seva Medal, four Bar to Vishisht Seva Medals, 123

    Vishisht Seva Medals, two Bar to Sena Medals (devotion to duty), 41 Sena Medals (devotion to duty), 12 Nao Sena Medals (devotion to duty) and 15 Vayu Sena Medals (devotion to duty).

    — ANI

  18. Sharad says:

    We all r living a life of peace and security , just because there are people like your brother , fighting for us . I wish his soul rests in peace .

  19. Gurpreet Singh Joshan says:

    I salute Indian Soilders & proud of your cousin. At the very moment i want to be one among them and serve our country.
    Jai Hind

  20. Tej says:

    i salute to the great personality. he really made a great impression in india’s history. we all should be proud to him and his family.

    Jai Hind

  21. Harmeet Singh says:

    This is what was spoken about Col. Gurbir Singh Sarna at the Kirti Chakra Award ceremony.

    Col. Gurbir Singh Sarna was the commanding officer of Rashtriya Rifles during OP Chak Behrampura on 23rd December 2006.
    On receipt of information regarding the presence of four terrorists in a village in Pattan district, Jammu and Kashmir, Col. Sarna reached the spot alongwith his team of officers and cordoned the targeted house.
    During the search, a terrorist hideout was located by Col. Sarna. In a daring move, he broke open the hideout and challenged the terrorists. In the ensuing fire fight, the officer killed one terrorist and injured another.
    However, in the process, Col. Sarna himself received multiple bullet injuries. Though bleeding profusely, he continued to lead the operation which led to the elimination of the other terrorists.
    He was evacuated from the site but later succumbed to his injuries.
    Col. Gurbir Singh Sarna, displayed outstanding leadership, indomitable courage and made the supreme sacrifice while fighting the terrorists.

  22. Harmeet Singh says:

    Some other Condolences I found on the net –

    Subject: 3 day long encounter

    Salute to this brave soldier of Indian Army. Who fighst for our safety. Whole nation is pride of you People.
    Posted by sam on 26-DEC-06

    Subject: my commemt

    We salute to the supreme sacrifice done by Colonel Sarna.The dedication and the courage what our jawans and officers are showing in J&K to fight the terrorist and the sacrifice what they are doing,should open the eyes of our politicians who are only talking of “we will not tolerate terrorism on our land”and doing nothing.It hurts to read the news of our army person’s death by hand of terrorist in one corner of newspaper but to read news of some politician’s death with so much publicity.
    To the family members of Col Sarna,please accept our deepest condolences.
    THANK YOU COL SARNA,THANK YOU on behalf of all Indians for giving your life for our country.
    Posted by Vikram N.Mayekar on 26-DEC-06

    Subject: Colonel G S Sarna

    Whole nation regards Colonel G S Sarna for his bravery.

    Jai Hind
    Posted by Haridutt on 26-DEC-06

    Subject: we r with u

    Dear family of mr.Sarna,
    we the people of india are with u in this heavy time . We are also feeling bad for u and bravely foghted mr.Sarna we give a salute to mr.Sarna. I wish that every body of india should give a chance to come in front in the field area.

    krishna thapa
    Posted by KRISHNA on 26-DEC-06

    Subject: india is always proud of brave indian solders

    no more words than salute to brave solders and there families. jai hind.
    Posted by neel on 26-DEC-06

    Subject: My heartfelt condolence


    Words fail at this time and heart bleeds for this country has lost but again a son who has laid down his life for others to live. May the departed soul rest in peace and I desperately pray to God that may he give strength to all his near & dear ones to brave this tragedy.

    Ajay Kumar Singh
    Posted by Ajay Kumar Singh on 26-DEC-06

    Subject: J&K: 3 day encounter ends

    We salute you Col. Sarna for your supreme sacrifice. You have lead your men couragiously. Your devotion to duty and exemplary behaviour are worth emulating. May the country bestow him with decorations to match his valour. Our country is very proud of you Col. Sarna. His family should be looked after well. Jai Hind.
    Posted by Manmadhan Pillai on 26-DEC-06

    Subject: We r proud to have such people among us.

    We r proud to have such people among us. These people make India proud. It is tragic that such people die.
    Posted by Satish Yadav on 26-DEC-06

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