Brainobrain USA Grand Launch

I came in touch with Brainobrain some time towards the end of 2008. I heard about this brand and its program of skill development using advanced abacus a lot in India. Out of inquisitiveness I started studying this and found that this can provide strong foundation to children in NJ. The skill development program from Brainobrain appeared to be highly enriching in nature when I looked at several videos online for demonstrations etc especially at You tube. It was amazing to see small children doing mental algorithm so fast. Then I decided to discuss with my wife about this opportunity to check with her if she is still interested into education business, which was her forte once upon a time back in India..

My wife had been always into kids education and she readily agreed to venture out into education. Initially we thought to start with a family friend Ruma with the thought to have a small center…..however sooner it started filling so much of confidence in us that we thought to provide the services to mass at large.

There were three strong reasons to get so much enthusiastic about this
1. Lots of focus is coming these days on kids education
2. Fundamentally this is a very sound concept and appeared to provide almost guaranteed results
3. This is about giving back to society, so quite filling in nature. I would say it can bring closer to self actualization which any one looks especially from NRIs in USA after a stage.

So we decided to move fast, strongly and confidently for this. More & more people started helping into this besides Ruma & her husband Kamal Deep. So my wife as a representative of Brainobrain in USA started operations of USA Master Franchisee.

Now the time has come for launch after work of several months

You are invited to join the grand launch of Brainobrain USA. This is at

YMCA Oaktree Road, Edison NJ
Date: April 5, 2009 Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

We are encouraging every one to come and see the concept. We will provide services at very reasonable prices and initially lots of free classes. I had strongly recommended team to not to look at the price part for initial few years but to prove back to society that its worth investing time into it.

Hope this will be journey of mutual win for parents as well as kids. Of course we are hoping to generate lots of employment opportunities for people around especially for part time training.

For details please visit our website

Anurag Varshney
SAP IS Retail Project Manager
Vice Chair – Project Management Institute Retail SIG

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