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Education to every Indian Child and our reservation system

Sunday, November 26th, 2006


I am inviting all of you to share your views on this topic. We have come so far and achieved so much but still our poor are relatively not receiving the benefit of all that progress of country. I feel biggest reason is education. Education makes a person capable to grow, to receive the fruits of development better. If they would be capable , the resources & benefit of country progress would flow towards them too. So its a kind of catch 22 situation. This point of time some external factors can help to start wheel rolling on. This external factor can be either government or even all of us who are capable in together form to provide significant benefits.

I think existence of education institutions in any area builds a kind of energy center in that area. Which drives the economy of that area. Larger the number institutions or better the quality of these bigger the potential of growth in that area. Some times area itself may not be having high level of education however from efforts of government or from private sector, if there comes an energy center then cycle of making that area as a stronger and stronger energy center starts rolling on. This brings awareness among people to learn more and more. Some times this process can be started from different way. You educate people they themselves become aware of fruits of education and make 10 others aware. Initially they may work in other areas but prosperity certainly comes in that area. This area on broader perspective is country and smaller perspective cane be any thing. Ultimately education plays a key role in overall economy of that area.

Being a member of alumni egroup of my institute, few weeks before I noticed that lot of brainstorming was taking place on Indian caste based reservation system in my egroup. So many good suggestions and ideas were flowing in group. Which triggered my thinking to capture and record all those thoughts just like archiving some valuable information which is preserved with the notion that this may be required in future for any important decisions. Who knows archiving of our thoughts and suggestions may also be used for future decisions. Often we do brain storming on such important national issues and it remains confined to within our small group of people. It could be a good idea that such brainstorming should be shared with large mass through internet ( to make full use of internet for a good cause) so as to spread the awareness and to stimuli the thought process of others also to participate in such main stream issues. These debates on national issues should be through the appropriate forums so that if needed some one can find atleast place where he or she can look at. May be after few years it starts ringing bells in government corridors too and they may like to refer to such debates to know the potential solutions.

Even if it is far distant vision then also I would say since such debates are for the better cause so people should be encourage to provide their opinion on this and a big picture view of overall public should be available through such mediums. I have attached one survey also for you to participate and vote for or against reservation in institutes for professional qualifications. You can vote and post your comments here.

Issue certainly took heat time to time but government shows indifferent attitude as it affects their vote bank. This is pinching that they do not want to have open debates too on this issue. No one says that remove caste based reservation completely all of sudden and bring another kind of reservation. Probably this should be a gradual move. Elite groups such as doctors, engineers or IIMs alumni etc every one wants to come forward to participate for a healthy debate to help government to arrive at some rational decisions. So government should use academic elites to solve the people’s problems rather than carrying the present scene when many people are crying or frustating while few others from the creamy layer of same class are enjoying the privileges. This is a big national issue as it affects common person’s family on regular basis. This always remains in back of mind when children of home grows, when they start applying for professional qualifications, when they start applying for jobs. If the family is poor and belongs to upper caste then they simply curse their own country for discrimination. So in a way it causes rift between different sections of society. 

Is this what we wanted for our country?.

Was reservation started with the aim that it will keep increasing in %age even if our country progress in overall terms?. If reservation helped then why the percentages and areas of reservation were increased rather than reducing that (as these many years are enough to provide relief to poor based on caste now its time to look poors without any caste boundary). I think this helped but now slowly we should be forward looking and should start reducing %ages just like the removal of government protection to industries to make them standing on thier feet in free and competitive world. 

Would we be able to remove the poverty of one section of castes completely? If the aim is to remove the poverty of lower castes first before looking into poverty prevailing among upper caste people then question is ‘is this achievable?’ If not then why this is increasing and increasing. What is the rationale behind that. We all know why it is increasing but let government should come out in public to debate on this.  

Shouldn’t reservation be handled as a tool to balance out the poverty (as completely removal of poverty is impossible among lower caste or any caste or any group of society per se) among people based on caste, income or geography etc but based on many rational parameters not on just one caste based parameter and carrying on that factor always?

Why hounourable Supreme Court does not interfere in this social issue?. Can any one provides some inputs why?. As a protector of common law of land (basis of our constitution) I have seen in past that on social issues even Supreme Court had interferred and issued directives and guidelines to government. What happens in this issue when so many people self immolated and sat on hunger strike.

Lets keep discussing on this topic and keep this alive till we do not reach to a solution and government adapts that solution. Hope I would see some comments from you.

Back to education I invite people to share their view on this topic specially on ‘What could be best ways to benefit our poor in terms of their access to education?’.

Also I would like to know how to set up a NGO and how the article of association is prepared for NGO. I think small small efforts in local areas are more effective than making or relying on a giant which becomes administrative burden. So my aim for this is in my area first and joining hands/ sharing hands with other like minded people to exchange the benefits of experiences.

This platform is to share news and views on this topic. Please feel free to post your comments or any news which you think is relevant to topic. Thanks.


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Thanksgiving day shopping maniac

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Not only discounts are offered by big malls to attract customer but also big stores distribute free gifts for early morning customers. Reason is what every one knows & its simple attaract crowd however little mircodetails

– Almost every customer has some prethought set of items to look for
– Some wants to do window shopping to pick up any good deal on any of items though usually in some broad segments such as electronics or computers
– Whatever it is every one has a budget and spending capacity. Challenge for stores is to secure this budget from maximum no of customers. So how to secure & lock that at the begining before customer really tries around. Catch the desire young…….
– But they would not be successful unless there is enviornment of excitement which stimulates the notion of opportunity loss in customers or visitors if they would not grab things faster. In this process most of times customer are ready to buy luxuries or not required things just because they think its cheaper today.

I analyzed when I myself caught in this game. I got a call at night from my one of friends, he suggested to go early morning tomorrow for one store to look for some good deals. I did not require any thing but since had not done some major shopping for last many days so thougt to look around any good items around in store. Moreover store was giving gift card at the time of entry (but to early visitors only see my point above). This was told him by one of his friend, so you can imagine a publicity wheel was already rolling on (word of mouth publicity).

Anyway we planned and I requested him to wake me up as soon as he gets up. He gave a call at sharp 4 and I managed to reach there some how at 4:45am. morning queue was long ….obvious thing. Anyway when we reached inside after waiting period of another 45 min (I think either they delayed opening time or they had like that only, I am not sure) people were running here and there. Staff was kind of running as if practicing olympiad. But to me except few things I found prices for most of things were not so lucrative. Still I thought atleast prices must not be crazy today I guessed must be reasonable or rather best among all other days. So I tried to figure out things which I could have ever thought to buy and bought 3-4 things and came out happily. Later my wife asked me to shop for few things more from other mall. Luckily I visted other mall and notices almost same things at least 10-30% cheaper.

So the lesson 1 is never get caught in any of promotion gimmick.

Plan your shopping before is lesson 2

Decide prices before for your items which you are ready to shell out for those items and the budget if you intend to do window shopping. Better do home work before and carry some base prices to compare.

As abroad we have some flexibility to return things so I bought things again having high prices and return back at first place. But what I could not get back is my early morning pains and loss of sleep. Night I slept again with one crocin tablet……