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Thanksgiving day shopping maniac

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Not only discounts are offered by big malls to attract customer but also big stores distribute free gifts for early morning customers. Reason is what every one knows & its simple attaract crowd however little mircodetails

– Almost every customer has some prethought set of items to look for
– Some wants to do window shopping to pick up any good deal on any of items though usually in some broad segments such as electronics or computers
– Whatever it is every one has a budget and spending capacity. Challenge for stores is to secure this budget from maximum no of customers. So how to secure & lock that at the begining before customer really tries around. Catch the desire young…….
– But they would not be successful unless there is enviornment of excitement which stimulates the notion of opportunity loss in customers or visitors if they would not grab things faster. In this process most of times customer are ready to buy luxuries or not required things just because they think its cheaper today.

I analyzed when I myself caught in this game. I got a call at night from my one of friends, he suggested to go early morning tomorrow for one store to look for some good deals. I did not require any thing but since had not done some major shopping for last many days so thougt to look around any good items around in store. Moreover store was giving gift card at the time of entry (but to early visitors only see my point above). This was told him by one of his friend, so you can imagine a publicity wheel was already rolling on (word of mouth publicity).

Anyway we planned and I requested him to wake me up as soon as he gets up. He gave a call at sharp 4 and I managed to reach there some how at 4:45am. morning queue was long ….obvious thing. Anyway when we reached inside after waiting period of another 45 min (I think either they delayed opening time or they had like that only, I am not sure) people were running here and there. Staff was kind of running as if practicing olympiad. But to me except few things I found prices for most of things were not so lucrative. Still I thought atleast prices must not be crazy today I guessed must be reasonable or rather best among all other days. So I tried to figure out things which I could have ever thought to buy and bought 3-4 things and came out happily. Later my wife asked me to shop for few things more from other mall. Luckily I visted other mall and notices almost same things at least 10-30% cheaper.

So the lesson 1 is never get caught in any of promotion gimmick.

Plan your shopping before is lesson 2

Decide prices before for your items which you are ready to shell out for those items and the budget if you intend to do window shopping. Better do home work before and carry some base prices to compare.

As abroad we have some flexibility to return things so I bought things again having high prices and return back at first place. But what I could not get back is my early morning pains and loss of sleep. Night I slept again with one crocin tablet……