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Hindi Classes at Iselin, NJ

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Never thought in my childhood that Hindi would become alien’s language for my kids at home. We never noticed slowly English had become the means of communication for my kids at home while we were often maintaining Hindi as a spoken language at home. Last time when my wife and kids visited India my son had tremendous problems in dealing with my parents and other relatives. My son could not understand most of conversation with them and he did not know Hindi text since can not write Hindi. Overall this was not a pleasant experience for me. When my wife came back we thought to start Hindi Classes for my kids.

Another shock came when my wife’s brother told that one of his friend at Accenture came back from London to India after several years. He had to take 3 months off from his job to teach Hindi to his children. As his friend found that his children can not survive in higher standards of Hindi course because they could not even read the Hindi. So the situation was an high alert situation and before start of session he wanted to bring his children up to some level where they can at least attend the Hindi classes. He had no alternative but to feed them with Hindi….starting from alphabets to literature every thing at one shot.

Overall this was an lesson for me also as we are also planning to move back at some point of time. So why not to start now…..

But how to keep this as a regular activity my wife suggested to pull kids of our family friends too. Slowly this thought turned into a formal regular activity and now we would like to pull this activity on and on……

If you are also feeling the same about your kids then you are most welcome.


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Initially we started activity at home …but now starting Hindi teaching at one commercial place at Green Street 734 to shape this as a more formal and away from home environment. Volunteers are most welcome and of course….your suggestions too are precious…. One more things its free !!!